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S. Genomics is an ecosystem that brings together several projects in the field of genomics and big computing. One of the important components of the project is a digital DNA storage or electronic Biobank. The goal of our Biobank is to accelerate progress in the study of the human genome and to create innovative solutions for personalized medicine, cosmetology and improve the quality of life by increasing its duration.


Our project is aimed at large-scale medical and scientific research in genomics using neural networks. 

Genomics is a young, revolutionary branch of genetics that studies DNA. Based on the information that is encoded in our DNA, it is possible to effectively and precisely fight serious diseases, improve the quality of human life only slightly adjusting his lifestyle or diet. The trend for healthy longevity is just beginning its momentum and genomics is a powerful weapon on the guard of beauty and health. 

The name of the CTAGtoken token is an abbreviation of 4 types of nitrogenous bases that form DNA chains (Cytosine, Thymine, Adenine, Guanine).

We created CTAGtoken as a unit of a calculation inside S. Genomics.

Using CTAGtoken you can:

  • Purchase one of our author DNA tests and get your health passport;
  • Get advice from a specialist partner GSG on the results of DNA testing;
  • Get a cell to store your genomic data in a Biobank;
  • Use to pay for the lease of the computing power of our neural network for research purposes;
  • As a unit of account on the GSG community market place. 

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